Advantages to transferring to Computer File format (MPEG) onto a USB Hard Drive or a USB stick?

USB Stick in TV   

Virtually All flat screen TVs have a USB port built in to enable playing videos directly from a hard disc or USB stick using the remote

DVDs are on the way out, much fewer people now have a DVD player by the TV

Easily viewable on a computer

multiple tapes can be fitted onto a single external USB stick or hard drive

USB sticks have the same advantages as a hard drive but just have a smaller capacity up to an average of 20 tapes per 64gb USB stick

Editable with the right software

You can rename the files if you need to

Backups are straightforward

Passing on to Friends and family very easy just copy and paste to another computer or via the internet

Can be put onto a private YouTube channel

We charge less than standard DVD

Do you need any more reasons!


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