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Return Postage Do you want us to post the items back to you (we use a tracked method)?
If you are collecting in person or we are sending via the internet and disposing of your tapes and answer No
Courier collection from your premises UK mainland
We will call you to arrange for courier to collect the items from you at a time that works for you. You just need to package them in a jiffy bag or cardboard box. Tapes are NOT fragile
A.Video to DVD format  
Number of Tapes/Cine (any type, any length), to transfer to standard DVD
How many additional copies of the DVDs or CDs  do you require 
B.Video to Computer format options (MPEG2/MPEG4)   
Click for advantages for this option Options 1-5 below are just different ways of delivering the files Select Quantity of tapes/reels    
1.Tapes/reels to computer file format onto customer supplied USB Hard drive or USB Sticks you lend us
2.Tapes/reels to computer files onto USB stick(s) we supply  (max 11 tapes) if more then use USB Hard drive option
3.Tapes/reels to USB Hard Disk supplied by us 
4.Tapes/reels to computer file and sent to you via the internet (max 11 tapes) we dispose of your tapes
Number of Cassettes/Records/Reel2Reel to CD or MP3
Other Services
Number of tapes/DVDs to convert between NTSC & PAL
Number of tapes to repair
Express service £6 extra per item (click for details)
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If you will be collecting from us in WD23 then you can pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer  
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