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How does the editing process work ?



We do all types of editing , nurse e.g.  removing clips changing the order adding music photos and various affects.

 There are a few different options available to you and it depends on your requirements, time available and budget, firstly you need to provide us with the footage, and we convert it to an editable format, (this is charged at £10 per tape/dvd if we are doing the editing).

Options available


  1. You sit with the editor and direct what you want and need,  the editor will also make suggestions, give you ideas that you can view straight away
  2. Once the footage is digitised we provide you with a DVD with a time code, you do what is called a paper edit and write down all the changes at the timings you need, we then do the edit and send you a proof
  3. A combination of above

Based on this we will then create a draft DVD or video file that we send to you to watch and review , you then provide us with a list of amendments, we create a second draft and send you for verification and then make any final changes and produce the final version


It’s all charged at £60 per hour of editing time, this is unrelated to the actual length of the video, it’s actually dependent on the number of cuts and the audio requirements you have

The average cost for a wedding edit from amateur footage to a professional edited DVD is £300 although can also edit to a lower budget as required

We do any type of video footage and we mean any type!

Every edit is a unique bespoke piece of work so please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a quote for your own needs



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