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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you convert from a DVD based camera to a digital format

Yes, same charges as per tapes apply , Ideally please ensure you finalise the disc in your camera before you send it to us

Do you convert adult material

Yes we do , as a totally discreet service , charges are the same as for all other items

I have an old VHS bought tape that I cannot get on DVD, can you transfer it

Yes we can transfer it providing it is for personal use only

I cannot print the form as my printer does not work or I don't have one

Please look at the form on the web site and write a letter giving all the key information from the form and enclose that with your items

I live outside the UK can you still send us the converted items

Yes we can send abroad , what we do with our expat customers is send the files via the internet  and hold onto the tapes until you confirm safe receipt of the files then can send or dispose of the tapes 

Can I bring them to you


For details click here

I am not sure what is on the tapes

We do not charge for blanks and if you tell us in advance you don't want TV footage we will also not transfer that and not charge you for that either